Feb 11, 2015

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Buying a Fake Snow Machine for a Business

Buying a Fake Snow Machine for a Business

Many people enjoy spending a lot of their free time at parties or social gatherings. Millions of dollars are spent every year on throwing events throughout every season and entire businesses are built around parties as recreational entertainment. A lot of events are built around the seasons and holidays. Sometimes when you are hosting a winter-themed party it can be a bummer if the weather isn’t pouring down real snowflakes to match the paper and plastic snowflakes strung around the office. If you don’t want to be disappointed by the lack of snow on the day of your winter office party, it’s time to take matters into your own hands by creating fake snow.

In order to make instant artificial snow, you need three things: a special, super-absorbent polymer based powder, water, and a snow machine. With the right amount of the polymer and water you can cover an entire landscape in snow. This type of fake snow can be placed on practically any surface, making the possibilities for setting up a snowy, wintertime festival a breeze. Understanding what you can do with the snow is more of an artistic preference, but fully comprehending its limitations is important when you are using it for business purposes. Fake snow such as this can be utilized outdoors but will last a significantly shorter duration than if used indoors. If maintained correctly and in the right conditions, fake snow can last from several days up to a couple weeks.

When distributing the snow, make sure to place some form of cloth or plastic underneath the snow in order to decrease the difficulty of cleaning up the mixture when the party is over. As a business owner it is always important to save money where possible. The beautiful thing about fake snow powder is that if it remains clean, the snow can be dried out on plastic and reused several times.

If you are looking to add a lively and interactive product to your party supply company or are looking to buy a fake snow machine for an office party, you should check out the amazing products offered at SnoWonder. They have everything you will ever need to offer a snow-filled service to your customers or co-workers, including reduced rates for bulk orders.

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