May 23, 2017

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Buying a Dump Truck in Texas – You Have Many Choices

Buying a Dump Truck in Texas – You Have Many Choices

Are you thinking about buying a dump truck for your business? If you’ve never owned a big truck before you’ll soon discover a lot of choices in Texas. Let’s look at some of your options to make the process of buying a commercial vehicle, a little easier.

Types of Trucks

Are you in the landscaping business or do you have medium-duty needs for your vehicle? If so, you might want to consider a flatbed dump truck. These trucks are perfect for hauling large, bulky, and heavy loads, and you can use them for dumping. They’re not your typical dumping trucks, but for some businesses they make sense. For example, you have all the benefits of a flatbed, and you can use it for carrying loads of soil, sand, or gravel.


Most trucks have either single or tandem rear axles. However, you can find trucks with three or even four axles if you have heavy-duty needs. Most companies need to choose between one or two rear axles. Single axles for medium-duty trucks can haul 20,000 pounds (gross weight). A dump truck with tandem axle can legally haul 34,000 pounds in Texas.

If you don’t plan to haul more than 20,000 pounds, a single axle truck is the best choice. They are easier to maneuver, and because they weigh less than tandem axles trucks, you’ll get better fuel mileage. However, if you’re hauling over the limit occasionally, you need to get a bigger truck or rent a tandem axle truck when you need it.

Where to Buy Your Dump Truck in Texas

When you shop for trucks, check with a trusted commercial truck dealership in your city. They have used, and new trucks and their used trucks are completely inspected and in good condition. Your dealership is there to help you choose the best truck for your company.

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