Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Austin, Texas, Using RockItCoin ATMs

One of the promises of Bitcoin was that it was going to make your life easier and more secure. But what is more secure and easier about having to wait for days to make sure that a Bitcoin purchase went through, or worse yet, waiting for cash to hit your account. Luckily, there is now a solution that lets you quickly access your Bitcoin, as well as a number of other cryptocurrencies. And if you’re in the Austin, Texas area, it’s as easy as going to the ATM.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Austin, Texas

Out with friends and want to withdraw cash from your Bitcoin account? Or maybe you want to move money quickly to Bitcoin without a trace from your computer. If you’re in Austin, it’s as simple as going to the ATM.

To buy and sell Bitcoin in Austin, use a debit or credit card at the nearest RockItCoin ATM. You’ll complete the purchase just like buying anything else. If you have a RockitCoin Wallet, the Bitcoin will be deposited straight away. If you don’t, you’ll receive a method of transferring the Bitcoin to the account of your choice within seconds.

But what if you need money in your hand? That’s even faster if you have a RockitCoin Wallet! Access your wallet from the machine, enter a security code, and treat it as any ATM. From $20 to $2000, you can do it all with a RockItCoin ATM. It’s that simple.

Using RockItCoin ATMs

Bitcoin may yet prove to be bigger than Texas, but getting your cash shouldn’t be such a huge ordeal. Rather than just googling for ‘buy and sell Bitcoin in Austin, Texas,’ go with a route that puts money in your hand. Learn more by visiting their website and start instantly trading more Bitcoin today!

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