Jan 2, 2017

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Bungee Jumping Adventure Tours

Bungee Jumping Adventure Tours

If you are a fearless person who dares to do anything, here is a sport for you that you are going to enjoy thoroughly. This is a sport that is not for the frail hearted people. In this sport one needs to jump from tall fixed bridges while linked to the stretchy string. While jumping from tall structures, the jumper moves up and again snap back to oscillate up.

Bungee jumping adventure is one of the favorite adventures among many travelers. It gives great pleasure and utmost amusements. There are various bungee jumping clubs all around the world. Proper facilities and professional trainers will help you to enjoy the adventure even more.

Equipment required:

The cords that are used in the bungee jumping adventure are manufactured in a special way and are manufactured using the theory of physics. It can be stretched to at least three or four times the normal length. The cords are springy and soft. The harnesses can be derived from mountain climbing equipment. It acts as the carabineer which is the link between the harness and the cord.

Due to the high risk nature of the sport, the connections used are redundant, chest and shoulder harnesses, the body harness and also double hookups to the jumper.

Safety measures:

Initially, when bungee jumping started, there was no clear idea about the facilities available. This resulted in several fatal accidents in many countries. As per research conducted the accidents occurred mainly due to improper attachment of jumper and cord, miscalculation of physics, the total height of the jump and other lapses. It was observed that the errors happened due to human error. With all such observations, the protection facilities have now increased, and participants are made aware of all the safety techniques that they need to adhere to through a professional trainer so that chances of accidents are reduced. These days due to stringent follow of rules and all the safety measures many people enjoy somersaulting without any injuries. There is however an age limits to participate in the game.

The sport when done with the help of professional training and guidelines can be really exciting and a life changing experience. Visit site for more information.

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