Dec 21, 2015

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Building a successful brand is a complex process

Every company would like to be highly profitable and to sell more of its goods or services. If this was easy, every company would achieve continued growth in profits – but, unfortunately it’s not. Particularly if a company wants to introduce a new product into a market-place, it has to compete with brands that are already established in the minds of a consumer. When branding has been particularly successful, some consumers will remain loyal to their branded product for the whole of their lives. They will buy only a specific brand of cereal, toilet paper or toothpaste. They see no reason to change from a product that is tried and tested, and which they have built a commitment to in their minds.

How to promote a new brand

This is where a brand consulting company will come in, and usually the business will look at certain factors to launch the new product or service. It usually starts with design of the packaging and the logo that’s associated with it. Some companies have made enormous mistakes in something as simple as a logo – sometimes it’s only after thousands of products and associated packaging have been printed that someone will notice something such as that the logo contains a rude symbol or could be confused for a racist icon, and the brand consulting company is left in shock wondering how the problem could have been missed. This is the exception, though, rather than the rule. In truth, it’s essential to have the input of experts to try to create changes in a buyer’s mind. The consulting company needs to think of ways for the consumer just to try the product, and this could be in the form of a tasting campaign or even giveaways. The idea is that once the cycle of loyalty with another brand is broken, the consumer will be open to trying the new product again in the future.

Looking at the complexity of branding

Producing the ‘interrupt’ pattern into a consumer’s mind can be something of a science. This is why a brand consulting company starts by looking at the drivers that persuade a consumer to buy a particular brand, and then they apply a creative response to that data. This can be a multi-faceted campaign that includes all types of advertising, the positioning of a product in a way that the right type of associations are formed in the consumer’s mind, and building an identity for the product that will last long after the marketing campaign has ended.

Any company launching a new product or service knows how difficult it is to build a brand. Finch Brands has been operating as a brand consulting company for many years and has given expert advice to many clients.

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