Mar 22, 2016

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Building a Collection of Used LP Records in Philadelphia

Building a Collection of Used LP Records in Philadelphia

After falling out of favor a couple of decades ago, vinyl is making a comeback. While no one expects vinyl records to ever regain the popularity of years past, the trend is toward more vinyl albums being produced every year. That means a lot of people are dusting off their turntables and starting to build collections again. For anyone who likes the idea of investing in used LP records in Philadelphia, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Where to Find Them
It is not all that difficult to find used LP records in Philadelphia. Many thrift shops will have them for sale at great prices and antique malls are another possible venue. The benefit of the latter is that the records are typically in better condition and the selection is more varied. There are even shops devoted to the sale of records, cassettes, and other music mediums.

Choosing the Right Records
Just as in years past, the main reason for purchasing a record is that the buyer likes the artist and the music. While it is fine to come across a rare release that happens to be worth a lot of money, remember that the plan is to actually play the record from time to time.

The condition of the LP should also be taken into consideration. Take the record out of the sleeve and see what type of surface scratches are present. While some scratches are to be expected, don’t spend money on something that has deep scratches across the grooves. Attempting to listen to the record will be less than pleasant since the deep scratches will cause skipping.

Consider the price closely before making a purchase. Is it really worth the cost? There are price guides online that can help buyers determine a reasonable price based on the current market value. If it seems like a bit much, feel free to shop around elsewhere.

For anyone who would like to build a record collection, visit today and take a look at the selection. Browse around and see what treasures can be found. Remember to check back regularly and see what new inventory has arrived.

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