Mar 4, 2014

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Build Your Confidence And Appeal With Pheromone Spray

Self-confidence, a sense of personal value and worth as well as an air of competence is naturally very appealing for a woman to find in a man. Building that sense of self-confidence is sometimes difficult, especially in social and dating situations where you may not feel totally in control. The simple use of a pheromone spray in these environments may be just the missing element to your life.

A pheromone spray, however, is more than just about building confidence in interacting with the fairer sex. These sprays include a range of different pheromones that are also helpful in building trust and respect, a perfect option for in any type of workplace or social situation. Remember, these are not scents that you are adding to your body, they are odorless boosts of the naturally occurring pheromones that everyone produced each and every day.

How to use a Pheromone Spray

The key to using a pheromone spray is to apply only a very small amount of the product with each use. Typically only depress the spray mechanism for one to two seconds to provide a light spray over the warmest part of your body such as the underarm area, the neck or as you would use cologne.

The pheromones are released slowly, usually over a minimum of four and a maximum of six hours. The pheromone spray can be reapplied as needed, but avoid using too much of the product as it can overwhelm those that are exposed to the chemicals. Too much of the product may send the signal of dominance and aggression, which is too much of the masculine traits you want to highlight.

Effects on Men and Women

When wearing a male pheromone spray both men and women will unconsciously recognize different traits in you. Men will, without understanding why, see you as a masculine, trustworthy and open guy that they can work with and like to spend time with. Women, on the other hand, will find you sexually desirable and appealing without you having to do anything other than to walk in the room.

The science behind pheromone spray is clear; people are attracted to the chemicals that are produced in our bodies. Boosting specific pheromone levels with the use of a spray can and will have powerful effects to help with confidence and appeal. To read more about our pheromone spray for men visit our website.

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