Dec 13, 2013

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Build a Lightweight Concrete Floor for your Building

There are large industrial buildings that are used for office spaces, for storage, and also for many businesses. When you have a large amount of square footage, then you have to find an affordable solution to protect the flooring and prevent wear. One of the main types of coatings used in many industrial businesses is a lightweight concrete floor material. A concrete floor can be both functional and sensible. There is a product called gypsum concrete that is used for many different applications. It can help level a floor, it can protect a deck, and it also can help reduce sound in large spaces.

Many industrial businesses have steel decks around their buildings. A steel deck needs to be covered by some type of protective material. Many concrete floors may look level, but they aren’t level in certain areas. A good Lightweight Concrete Floor material can cover a steel deck, it can level out concrete, and it also has the ability to waterproof any area. The best way to get this type of protective material installed on your floor, roof, or deck is to hire a contractor with all the right equipment and gypsum concrete materials you need.

ICrete Technologies can install lightweight insulated concrete, they do grout for tunnels or sewer lines, underlayment for flooring, and they also have the best materials for exterior waterproofing. A lightweight concrete deck could work for any type of building. They also can install a concrete floor that will look great and also that will be very durable. They are one of the largest contractors in the country because they have a huge inventory of materials, and they have a wide range of services they can offer to the public. A concrete floor will work for almost any type of building or home.

There are many materials most people don’t even know about. A concrete floor sounds pretty rough and uneven, but when you use the right type of materials to cover it, then it can be very functional. There are contractors who specialize in the installation of lightweight concrete flooring. They have all the right equipment to make your floor waterproof, level and also fire resistant. If you have a large area that needs a protective coating on the floor, then talk to the right contractor.

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