Apr 2, 2018

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Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Apartments for rent in Santa Barbara, California have the advantage of excellent location—the sunny, ideal outdoors experience is probably one you’ll want to bring inside with you! If you’re renting a property, however, you might feel limited in the ways that you can make the space your own. It’s easy to think that, because you don’t own it and can’t make permanent changes to the property, you have no solutions for making your residence the nature-filled oasis that you desire. But fear not! There are still some things you can do!

Apartment Design Is Everything

If you have the option, choose an apartment which makes use of the outdoors in its design. Available apartment rentals at The Marc understand the importance of feeling connected with the openness of the outdoors, which is why they chose to utilize natural light for filling their spaces. Additionally, these apartments’ design includes floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors and balconies so that you can more easily experience the outdoors from the comfort of your apartment.

Plenty of Backup Options Exist

However, not all apartment rentals in Santa Barbara are created equal. In the event that your living situation does not embrace the same commitment to natural living, or if you are searching for additional ways to bring the outdoors in, try some of the tips below.

  1. Put plants and flowers everywhere. There are plenty of plant species which can grow in minimal sunlight if your natural light is lacking. You might even consider using a spare bathtub to plant your indoor garden!

  2. Choose natural materials for the furnishing and decoration of your space.

  3. Indoor faux fires, galaxy projectors, and DIY fluffy clouds are all great ways to bring the sounds and sights of nature into your bedroom.

If you’re addicted to nature, keep these things in mind while hunting for Santa Barbara apartments for rent!

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