Jun 20, 2013

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Bringing Kanban Software to Your Business

Before you can fully appreciate the principles associated with Kanban Software, you must first have an understanding of what it is really about. This software is a scheduling system. Most of the time the common misconception is that it is considered to be an inventory control system. The system is set up to let you know what should be produced and when you can produce it. These factors will allow you to determine the quantity that should be produced. During the manufacturing process of a particular product, a company will waste valuable resources, time, and money. Having a manufacturing tool like this can save you all that and more.

Life Before Kanban Software

Prior to Kanban Software, gaining popularity among the Western manufacturers, mass production scenarios were just an assembly line set up. This meant that large groups of people were working; however, they did so with very little interaction or concern for each other. Scheduling was not unified and for each group delivery times were often long. It is challenging to say the least, to maintain overall quality and keeping waste to minimum levels because components were produced separately and updates were not communicated among groups on a regular basis, so they became ineffective.

What Kanban Software Can Offer

Through lean production, all of those issues can be solved. Kanban Software will target and identify what causes waste, and it will eliminate it. It will essentially only produce what the end user wants based on when they really need it. It is now time to say goodbye to the production of things on a mass basis. It is more optimal to make delivery on demand, continue to aim for process improvement, strive for a reduction in inventory and combined will reduce shortages.

Another great aspect to the software is that it is adjustable based on the changes in the demand volume. Companies are allowed to regulate manufacturing needs while they follow adherence to the scheduling system. Based on usage, they can replenish according to system signals that send indications of material levels and volume of orders. This system is so flexible that manufacturers can use available materials to produce new prototypes and models. This means when it comes to inventory, manufacturers will not have to worry over handling storage issues. A company can save thousands of dollars because this software discourages material hoarding for future use.

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