Aug 4, 2014

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Bring an Icy Idea to Your Business

Chewable Ice, the craze that took America by storm, is a cleaver little idea to make ice taste nice. This addictive idea has become a new craze, making Americans come from all over to find the best chewable ice on offer. People love trying all different convenience stores across the land in search of the perfect ice to chew. Having a drink dispenser that has this type of ice already premade and programmed into the machine, leaves little room for anything to go wrong. Every good convenience store or restaurant should have one of these machines. However, how do you tell the difference between a good machine and bad one?

What is Chewable Ice?

Chewable ice is this a specially designed form of ice. The ice is usually smaller than the average ice cube and round in shape. It also has an air pocket inside in order to make it easier to crush with ones teeth. This sensation hit American shelves in 1981 and has been booming ever since. Its shape and texture make people crave it, giving them instant satisfaction with every mouthful.

How to tell a Good Ice Machine from a Bad?

Telling the difference between good and bad dispensers can prove a challenge even to the keenest eye. If you’re not in the business of making them and have no prior dealings with them before then how can you know? Follow these few guidelines when buying your dispenser, they should help you be able to tell the difference between quality and novelty.

The ice machine should be able to dispense any kind of extruded ice and can dispense normal ice cubes too. Most machines will have a central ice dispenser, but try finding one with a right sided dispenser as it makes for more efficient dispensing. There are also multiple self-service valves available supported by an industry standard 8-valve platform 30″ in width. Look for a large volume drip tray to avoid any spillages and a professionally made stainless steel constructed body with front and back plumbing access. Finally, you might want to look for an LED light if you want it to look good and be noticed.

Check for these options when speaking with your dispenser distributor. If they are a good supplier they should be able to suggest different models of machines with different aspects in each, or perhaps they have a machine which will be able to supply all your needs. If you’re not happy with the machine don’t buy it, this is an investment you need to be confident in, so take your time and be happy when you buy.

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