Mar 9, 2013

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Brick pavers are an ideal surface for a pool deck

When you are looking at the various options that are available for your swimming pool deck, look no further than brick pavers. These interlocking bricks are practical and aesthetic, and they come in a host of sizes and colors. Brick pavers in Bradenton FL can go from the very simple cast brick to ones which have a detailed surface or even cast with inclusions of sea shells or smooth pebbles.

The pavers come in various shapes, all of which nest together to form an intricate pattern usually designed by the swimming pool contractor or the landscape architect.

From a pure practical point of view, the pavers can move if the ground heaves, and they do so without cracking, and they can be lifted one by one in the event there is a problem with the pool plumbing or underground power supply. In most instances, rainwater is dissipated through the many feet of “cracks” between the pavers, making a complex drainage system unnecessary.

Although brick pavers in Bradenton FL have so many plus points, nothing is perfect. Some pavers are quite porous, making them easy to stain, mold, mildew and have color variations.

A little forward thinking helps:

As you know, the pavers are going to be used as your pool deck, you can immediately take certain decisions that you will not regret later.

* Make sure the surface is smooth and comfortable against the skin

* Select pavers with beveled edges

* Keep the sizes to a scale that works

Comfort is the most important issue, and then comes aesthetics. The surface must be smooth and feel good when you walk or sit on it, and the edges should be beveled so that if a paver moves just a bit it will not cause you to stub your toe while you walk across the surface.

If your pool deck is huge, then you will be well advised to use quite large pavers. Conversely, if your deck is small, use smaller pavers, not much larger than a common house brick. Smaller pavers also work better if your pool has an irregular shape, often you can work around the perimeter without having to cut any pavers, and this is rarely the case with larger pavers. Remember, pavers don’t bend!

Ground preparation:

Although installing brick pavers in Bradenton FL is not difficult, the ground must be prepared properly for the finished installation to look perfect. The ground must be graded properly so the water runs away from the pool, and the base must be well prepared packed sand. The sand allows the pavers to be laid level but still capable of being tamped a bit to make sure all the edges are level.
With a little forethought and a bit of work, your pool deck will soon be the envy of the neighborhood.

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