Oct 30, 2018

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Brass Quick Disconnect Hose Fittings – Applications and Industry Uses

Brass Quick Disconnect Hose Fittings – Applications and Industry Uses

When you need it disconnect hose fitting that provides the necessary corrosion resistance, you want to choose a material for that fitting that will give you the necessary results. Brass quick disconnect hose fittings fit the bill. As opposed to other types of couplings, quick connect or disconnect hose fittings are connected by hand, not by the use of tools. With these hose fittings you have two pieces, each of which has a self-sealing valve that is filled with fluid upon disconnection.


Various connection styles are available with quick disconnect hose fittings. These include snap type, threaded, bayonet, and non-latching. Commonly, these fittings will have an external and that plugs into an internal hand – a standard male to female connection. Applications used with these disconnect hose couplings include pneumatic, steam, hydraulic, vacuum, and gas, as well as applications that necessitate the repeated removal of the hose.

Brass quick disconnect hose fittings sold in pairs or a single half, referred to as a quick connect plug. They are also offered in a variety of materials and sizes. It is important to consider particular factors when purchasing these fittings, including seal type, temperature, connection style, pressure rating, and material compatibility.

Industries and Products

An extensive range of industries, such as agriculture, construction, and others requiring the use of mobile equipment, can make use of quick disconnects and according to required industry specifications.

The equipment and products that commonly utilizes quick connect hydraulic fittings include turf equipment, wire pullers, sprayers, hydraulic jacks and rams, skid steer loaders, snowplows, farm tractors, mining operation equipment, earth moving equipment, front end loaders, hydraulic hand tools, chemical plant equipment, tractor trailers, steel mill equipment, offshore drilling rigs, hydraulic fracturing, test benches, and rescue equipment. As well, operations that involve fluid transfer, equipment eight kids, and electronics cooling can make use of particular custom solutions that have been designed for these applications.

When selecting brass quick disconnect hose fittings, be careful to review the product’s performance specifications and its ease-of-use. The quality of these products may vary from brand to brand. An experienced and reliable disconnect hose fittings company can provide you with products manufactured from high-quality materials and that have been subjected to proper product testing in advance.

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