Aug 13, 2015

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Brand Name Appliances Are Also Sold at the Serta Mattress Store in Murrieta, CA

Brand Name Appliances Are Also Sold at the Serta Mattress Store in Murrieta, CA

Anyone wanting to purchase a large item, like a refrigerator, worries about how they’ll get rid of the one they have on delivery day. Whether it’s a mattress, washer, dryer or refrigerator, who is going to take the old out when the new items arrive? The key is to buy from a store that removes the old appliances before they bring in the new ones, simply taking the old items when they leave. This is especially helpful for senior citizens and people who just can’t lift large items, plus not everyone has a strong relative available to help them the day they get a new washer and dryer.

Action Maytag is a company that works with customers and will take out old mattresses as well as unwrapping the new mattresses and setting them up for customers. This is extremely satisfying to customers who will tell most everyone they know how well they were treated. If customers want a specific Serta Mattress Murrieta CA other residents have purchased, all they have to do is give the store a call and inquire about it. It’s best to stop in and take a brief rest on various styles of mattresses they have available. Every new home needs a good, dependable, brand-name washer and dryer. Many people are renovating their homes and adding all new modern appliances that are top quality, energy efficient, and save lots of money on utility bills.

For homeowners searching for a certain type of Serta Mattress Murrieta CA customers are fond of, or if they’re wanting their existing appliances repaired, just give the company a call. They sell built-in, or portable dishwashers, top and bottom freezers, wall ovens, ranges, cooktops, microwaves, along with washer, dryers and mattress sets. Most Maytag companies offer free delivery and set-up of their appliances, plus they price match if customers find a product somewhere else, selling at a lower price.

They also offer special mail-in rebate offers adding up to huge price discounts on sets of washers and dryers. With certain Kitchenaid appliances, customers can get a pre-paid MasterCard from $200 up to $1500 until the end of 2015. Visit website for complete details.

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