Dec 17, 2014

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Braces: You Certainly Have Come A Long Way

Braces. The word used to terrify the young – particularly teenagers. They pictured their life being made a living Hades by fellow classmates. It was embarrassing to wander the halls and streets wearing these awkward and unattractive metal appliances. Today, this has all changed. Tis is no longer the way we see braces. In Lakeview and elsewhere, braces have become if not fashionable among certain sectors, at least less repugnant to wear; less difficult to wear as part of everyday life.

The Formative year of Braces

The first “braces” were conceived in the 18th century by a dentist who was constantly surprising those around him with his novel ideas. His published work The Surgeon Dentist (1728) by French dental surgeon Pierre Fauchard contained a chapter in which a specific orthodontic device – the “Bandeau,” was placed inside the mouth to help the mouth and teeth maintain their natural positions. A second work form this time period The Dentist‘s Art (1757) by Pierre Bourde, Royal dentist to King Louis of France (1754 –1793) examined methods on how to improve tooth alignment.

Yet, it was not until the following century, that the actual term braces was used to refer to the devices that were to help people obtain straight or at least straighter teeth. In the meantime, between the early 19th and 20th centuries, inventive ways were created to help straighten teeth.

Braces of the Twentieth Century

The early braces of this time period were individual and time consuming for a dentist to put into place. Each tooth would be individually wrapped in the dentist’s preferred material (wrap bands) before being joined together by an adjustable wire. Often, when the patient could afford it, gold was employed. Gold was, in fact, preferred by many because of its flexibility, yet, for many, silver was employed because it was much cheaper during the early years of the 20th century.

As the years went by, the technology improved. In the 1970s, dental adhesive replaced the wrap bands. Gold was replaced by stainless steel greatly reducing the overall cost of braces. Then came a breakthrough that saw the removal of the external fixtures indicating braces. The technology moved towards creating braces that placed the braces on the inside of the teeth.

The Ultimate Invisible Braces: Invisalign

In 1997, a technique came into being that created braces that were truly “invisible.”  This was the birth of Invisalign created by Stanford University graduate, Zia Chishti, and Kelsey Wirth. Together with Robert Stephens an investment banker, they developed what as a breakthrough in the technology for creating braces.  In Lakeview, today, you can arrange to wear their product. To paraphrase the old ad “You’ve come a long way. Braces.”

When it comes to finding Braces in Lakeview that will work for you, make sure you talk to the professionals at Polished: A Dental Studio. They are focused on making your time with them as pleasant and painless as possible. By combining their expertise with their skills, they can guide you from start to a successful smile.

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