Feb 25, 2014

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Braces in Ludlow MA – Traditional or Invisible Braces?

Everyone would prefer to have a beautiful, white, virtually perfect smile. However, not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth. Some people have jawbone or misaligned teeth that require correction. Correcting a bite, misaligned teeth, or jawbone misalignment is not merely cosmetic, but also functional and preventative. Braces in Ludlow, MA are the appliances used for conventional bite and misalignment correction. Not every patient has to endure metal braces. Some are good candidates for invisible (virtually) braces, also known as Invisalign tooth aligners.

Even if you are not a good candidate for Invisalign braces, today’s metal braces are lighter weight and less trouble than in years past. Not only are they lightweight, they are also smaller and are usually not worn as long as the old style metal braces. Due to the advancements in braces of all kinds they can be used for younger children as well as teenagers and adults. Braces in Ludlow, MA are designed to give the patient a beautiful smile that makes them feel confident.

The main differences between metal braces and Invisalign aligners:

  • Invisalign aligners can be removed to eat or play sports, braces cannot be removed
  • Braces have restrictions on food and beverages that Invisalign does not.
  • Invisalign allows you to brush and floss like normal whereas metal braces do not.
  • Braces include regular, lengthy adjustments, but Invisalign trays are easily and quickly changed every two weeks.
  • Invisalign braces are more aesthetically pleasing than metal braces.

Even though metal Braces in Ludlow, MA may seem less desirable, they are still a form of tooth and jawbone correction that help create beautiful, confident smiles. The only way to be certain about the corrective solution is to have a dental exam and orthodontic exam. These professionals will be able to tell you what you need for your teeth. Whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign or not, you can have the smile you have always wanted.

If cost is an issue, as it is to most households today, financing is often offered so almost anyone can have braces or Invisalign aligners. Metal braces cost less, but can take longer to correct things that Invisalign can do in a shorter time. Invisalign Braces in Ludlow, MA cost more, but in most cases, they do not take as long to correct the problem. Vanguard Dental offers quality dental services including Invisalign braces for the whole family.


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