Aug 27, 2014

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Bone graft for dental implants

When a dental patient gets dental implants in Colorado Springs the “root” is a titanium insert which is implanted directly into the jaw bone. There are tomes however when the jaw bone at the implant area has been damaged or eroded in some way, perhaps by a periodontal disease or other infections. As a result there is insufficient bone to adequately support the implant, this however does not necessarily mean that an implant is not possible; the dentist can do a bone graft which will builds up the bone tissue and helps to promote the growth of natural bone in the area.

As with any graft the best place to get the needed tissue is from the patient. In the case of a bone graft it can often be harvested from the patient’s mouth, either from the area where the implant will be or some other area, even the chin. If there is no bone available from the mouth then bone can be harvested from elsewhere on the body, the hip is often the source of the bone. If the bone for the graft is to be harvested from a part of the body other than the mouth it is done in a hospital by a surgeon.

If for some reason it is not possible to harvest bone from the patient there are other options that can be pursued. Tissue is available from bone banks, this is an environment where bone is harvested from cadavers and stored for future use in medical and dental procedures. It is also possible to use a synthetic bone although real bone is preferable and in most cases the result is better.

The dentist who is responsible for doing the dental implants in Colorado Springs implants the graft in the site, filling nay gaps as is required. Once the actual bone graft is done the dentist will insert a barrier membrane into the mouth as protection the area and stops any soft tissue from growing into it. The grafted bone is held in place with screws or sutures while it is bonding with the natural bone in the area.

Dental implants in Colorado Springs normally take several months to complete. If it is necessary to have a bone graft this can add considerably to the amount of time it will take to complete the procedure. Once can expect to add anywhere from three to nine months while the graft takes and is completely healed, ready to take the implant.

It is no longer necessary to rely on a bridge or denture to replace a missing tooth. Dental implants in Colorado Springs become an integral part of your mouth, before long you will forget you once had a missing tooth. You are invited to discuss the procedure with Dr. Marc R. Van Ness at Lehman Drive Dental.



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