Apr 7, 2014

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Bondsmen in Sedgwick County

Americans who travel and get arrested in another country quickly learn that bail bondsmen do not exist anywhere except the United States and the Philippines. Some countries do not offer bail at all, may require cash to be left at a police station or with the court or require a certain amount of time in jail before any type of bail will be considered. In Japan, for example, the police are allowed to hold someone for up to 28 days without bail.

The concept of bail bondsmen, or one person pledging cash or property to guarantee that the defendant would show up in court, is ancient. Stone carvings over 4,000 years old located in modern-day Iraq relate how a citizen could be released from jail after another person had paid his bail, using cash or property. Over time, that practice fell into disuse. Throughout history people have paid someone to get out of jail, but it was not done as part of a codified justice system but as an act of desperation by the defendant.

The first American bail bondsman was Pete McDonough. He was a wealthy San Franciscan who came to power during the civic corruption that followed the San Francisco Earthquake. In 1898, he founded the first bail bonds business in the U.S. However, it was a case of a bad man and a good idea — he could have written the book on ‘ How Not To Be A Bail Bondsman’. Fortunately, the value of bail bondsmen was perceived by jurists and legislators, eventually becoming the system we have today.

Affordable Bail Bonds, located in Wichita, KS, carries on the tradition of providing bail to defendants. These Bondsmen in Sedgwick County understand what a difficult time it is. Many of the people that they speak with have never before had to post bail for a family member or friend and are understandably nervous and concerned. They can be certain that they will be treated with respect and that the process will be explained in detail and in confidence. ‘Reasonable bail’ is the right of every American citizen. The bondsmen will be available to assist their clients until the court case is resolved. Browse Site to learn more about bail and the services offered 24/7 by this reputable firm.

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