Dec 18, 2013

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Bold and Fashionable Abaya Robes

Abaya clothing is basically a type of loose fitting robe that is designed to be worn over a Muslim woman’s clothing. It is seen as religious clothing, and it is designed to cover everything below the shoulders, apart from the hands and the feet. The traditional coloring for an Abaya is black, but Muslim women that want variety have often worn the robes in all sorts of colors and styles. Many Islamic countries require that an Abaya be worn at all times. This has made women creative, and has sparked a trend to embrace the religion without any fashion limitations. EastEssence Abaya clothing typically has intricate stitching and design embellishments to add texture to the clothing. Small gemstones and additional layers of fabric can also be seen in more expensive designs that are often wore by the rich.

Finding the Perfect Abaya

An Abaya does not necessarily need to be plain black to adhere to religious beliefs and requirements. Their purpose is to cover up the skin and existing clothing. As long as this is accomplished, then the wearer can select any type of design that they choose. Purples, yellows and even greens are often embraced when a custom Abaya is created. The robes are constantly being introduced to the market in new styles and features that give Muslim women the opportunity to express their individuality, in robes that they feel pretty and confident in.

Buying Abayas Online

There are many online websites that sell Abayas, so you can get them delivered right to your front door without the worry of having to find a local store that has the bold colors and styles that you want. When you shop online, you gain access to much more than you would ever find in local specialty boutiques. Online stores will have plenty of sizes, designs, and styles to choose from, so you will never have to worry about not having enough options. Whether you want an Abaya for a school uniform, or for celebratory events such as weddings and parties, you will be able to find an array of styles that will suit all needs. Some come with a drawstring waist with more shape to the material, while others come pleated and plain. The choice is yours.

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