Jul 19, 2018

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Boat Transport Trailers – Which One is Best for You?

Boat Transport Trailers – Which One is Best for You?

Boat shops and marinas today take in all kinds of vessels for storage or repairs. As a result, you may need several types of boat transport trailers. But which trailer is best for your needs? Here are some of the most common types with important features to consider.


Towable trailers are simple to operate. If you move large vessels, you will enjoy the benefits of a good hydraulic trailer. Some models can handle both sail and power boats. For larger units, remote controls are a good option.


Self-propelled boat transport trailers are an excellent investment for larger boatyards. You can move your vessels easier and faster than with standard trailers. Look for trailers with four-wheel drive and if you need to launch vessels into the water, make sure to go with a submersible model.

Road Trailers

If you pick up boats from many locations, you should own a good hydraulic road trailer. Make sure to buy a model large enough to handle all your needs. You may not haul very large vessels today, but in the future, this could change. It is best to be prepared, so you do not have to make unexpected investments when your business grows.

New or Used

Are your financial resources limited? Perhaps high-quality used boat transport trailers can fill your needs. One of the best sources to turn to is trusted trailer manufacturers. Some of them offer custom trailers, and they have some excellent previously owned models. You will not have to wait months for your new trailer, and in some cases, you can save as much as fifty percent over the cost of a new unit. A good used trailer will give you many years of dependable service, and you can save your investment capital for expanding your company or increasing services.

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