Jan 14, 2015

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Bigcommerce Integration

Anyone who operates an e-commerce store understands that it takes time and effort to provide a fully functional working website which is attractive to potential customers and functions at the required levels. It doesn’t take a lot for chaos to break out, potentially costing web traffic and in turn the loss of sales. Glitches in the system and inconsistencies in image display, loading speed, ordering buttons, shopping cart, checkout functions or mobile capabilities are all items which can result in potential customers dropping off of your site. The aesthetics of a website can be powerful in drawing traffic in for longer periods of time, which enhances the chances of making a conversion. The integration of Bigcommerce designs can help to improve the message you send to potential customers and sidestep some of the issues that commonly arise with e-commerce websites.

Responsive Design

In order to compete in today’s online marketplace it is vital that customers have easy and reliable access to your site by means of a variety of different devices. When your website is optimized for access by mobile phones, tablets and other devices used for browsing, you are in a better position to capture more of the attempted visits and increase the odds of conversions to customers and possibly repeat business.

Free Migration Services

The cost of migrating to a new platform can be expensive and time consuming, resulting in the possibility of down time and a loss of revenue for your e-commerce business. Bigcommerce offers cost-free migration services for premium plans and is compatible with a host of platforms for a smoother conversion process. Some of the compatible platforms are Volusion, Shoppe Pro, Shopify, Yahoo, 3DCart, CoreCommerce, CSCart, Cube Cart, GoDaddy, Interspire, OpenCart, OsCommerce, Network Solutions and many others.

Professional Quality E-commerce Store Design

Your storefront says a lot about your business and you only have a few seconds to make a major impression on visitors before they are off to another site. Help in developing an aesthetically pleasing storefront, which delivers the basic information that browsers are looking for with functional browsing links that take them quickly to the areas of interest, can boost your conversions immensely. The less work required from a potential customer to purchase something, the greater the chance of them actually completing the sale without dropping off.

Bigcommerce integration can provide you with assistance regardless of the current platform that you are using. For a smoother integration and less down time, this service can help to upgrade your e-commerce store and increase the success of your business venture. For more information on Bigcommerce integration, visit the experts available at Business Name.

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