BGP Europe AG; The Best Nicotine Manufacturer and Supplier in Europe

The BGP Europe AG is a nicotine manufacturer and supplier company. They have over 35 years of experience in their field and certification from several regulatory organisations. Their products are of the highest quality available on the market, making them perfect for those who use e-cigarettes or vapes!

Types of E-Liquids

E-liquid is made up of two types of ingredients: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin E liquid(VG). VG is thicker than PG, so VG can be used in higher concentrations to create more viscous e-liquids.

Conversely, Propylene glycol is thinner than Vegetable glycerin E liquid, so it can be used at lower concentrations to create thinner e-liquids.

Types Of E-Juice Flavors

• Fruity Flavor: It is a trendy type of e-juice. These are often fruity flavors, which are sweet and juicy. They can also be a combination of fruits, such as cherry and watermelon.

• Tobacco Flavor: Tobacco flavors are robust. They’re relatively cheap to produce in large quantities, meaning they can be found on almost every vape store shelf.

• Dessert Flavor: Dessert flavors are also quite popular among vapers because they taste like authentic desserts such as apple pie, cakes and ice cream sandwiches.

• Drink Flavor: Drink flavors are best for people who love alcoholic beverages. Different flavor combinations are made by mixing different flavors.

• Candy Flavor: If you love candy taste, these e-juices are for you, from chocolate bars to candy corn.

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