May 31, 2013

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BGA Reballing Preforms

When rework is necessary on a ball grid array (BGA), there are a few options to consider. One option is to reuse the BGA board. The solder balls are removed and the sites dressed using a variety of different techniques. Most commonly used are solder braid and a soldering iron or heat based vacuum-based extraction with new spheres provided to the adjacent joints. This operation is called reballing. Soldering of BGA devices requires precise control and is usually done by automated processes. There are custom made Bga Reballing Preforms available to make this process as simple as possible. BGA reballing preforms come in many different alloys, including but not limited to tin-lead, lead free and high temperature. Typical applications include prototyping, small volume runs, quality to reliability testing, and reballing of BGA components.

The BGA preforms are embedded with solder balls corresponding to the device pattern. Kits with as many as 25 preforms can be purchased which include everything needed for the reballing process. After ensuring all parts are cleaned and baked, the process is very simple. First you insert the preform and check the alignment. Next, apply the paste flux using the brush supplied in the kit. Insert the BGA, re-flow and finally, moisten and remove the paper.

What are the Benefits to using Bga Reballing Preforms?

The process is easy to learn and takes less than 10 minutes.

The preforms are custom made so there are no stencils required to cut all of your different array patterns. Many of the standard patterns are readily available.

The preforms are designed to work well with equipment and tools you already have. You can use them with almost any re-flow system (convection oven or re-flow oven), and they work well alongside most rework stations used for component removal and preparation.

Rather than working with loose solder spheres or solder paste and being able to process only one component at a time, the Bga Reballing Preforms allow you to process many parts at the same time with minimal extra labor. Using preforms, parts with different pitches, array patterns and ball diameters can be processed concurrently, lowering labor costs.

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