May 6, 2014

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Beware of these Feng Shui Mirror Tricks to Mislead Space Size

Fifth Avenue Condos for Sale can be pretty competitive and selling a unit that has already been lived in can be a challenge when up against some of the stunning new luxury condos on the market. A common trick that many stagers use is to follow some Feng Shui techniques to create space. Mirrors can be used to enhance a condo by adding space and light. This is all well in good once you move in. However when you are hunting for a home you want see it for what it really is so you get an accurate take on the size of the rooms and the amount of natural light. Here are a few Feng Shui mirror tricks to keep an eye out for when on your apartment hunt.

Seeing Double

Using mirrors in a Feng Shui layout is part of improving your living space as well as the harmony of your home. By doubling your space you can create a less cluttered and more open space that will help you relax. Using mirrors to double a space is an easy enough trick and can really be misleading when viewing a condo. You want to pay close attention to the placement of mirrors and weigh in on how much impact they are having. You do no want to buy a space based on illusions.

Unpleasant reflections

In most cases people will use mirrors to reflect positive images. If there are any permanent mirrors in the space take a look at what they are actually reflecting. Mirrors do make a lovely addition to a number of areas such as kitchen backsplashes or bathrooms. Make sure they are not reflecting an unattractive image such as a clear view of the bathroom (toilet), an unpleasant view from your window or a dark area of the unit.

Lovely Natural Light

Nothing helps make a luxury apartment more attractive than natural light. As you are viewing the space pay close attention to the natural light and how many mirrors are in the apartment. You want to be certain that the natural light is not a result of well positioned mirrors. Although you can use the same trick when you move in keep in mind that more light in a room also makes it look larger. You don’t want to be mislead that you are buying massive rooms that turn out to be much smaller and dingier once you sign on the dotted line.

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