Best Wine Choices for Crab

Are you hosting a special dinner or event? Then you definitely want to have crab on the menu! This sophisticated dish can be prepared in several different ways and served as an appetizer, side dish or main star of the show! To make things easier, crab delivery is a convenient way to buy these tasty dishes. Once you’ve decided how to prepare it, you must decide what wine to pair it with. Here are some guidelines and advice from wine connoisseurs.

Crab cakes

There are plenty of wines that pair nicely with crab cakes, but your best choice may be sparkling wines and medium-bodied whites.

*  Champagne: If your budget allows, splurge on Champagne with brioche notes to complement may-based sauces and fried cakes.

*  New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: If your crab cakes are prepared with herbs or accompanied by fruity dipping sauce, this tropical-fruited wine will work well. It’s also a good choice if your cakes have a bit of extra heat from jalapenos or chile sauces.

Crab soup

*  Pinot Blanc: These wines have flavors that range from pears to citrus to peaches to apples. The fruity notes pair well with soup, whether it’s served as an appetizer or a main course.

*  Chardonnay: You can’t go wrong with chardonnay; this is a classic white wine with subtle flavors that pair well with almost anything

Crab dip

*  Sauvignon Blanc: This is the perfect light pairing for warm crab dip and will make a stunning impression on your guests

*  Riesling: The sweetness of this wine complements the warm tones of the dip quite nicely

Crab legs

*  Merlot: A dryer wine, it’s a great choice for those who prefer red wine to white

*  Sauvignon Blanc: This light flavored wine pairs nicely with whatever crab dish you’re preparing

When you have your menu planned, your wine selected, and your crab delivery set up, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy! For more information, visit Harbour House Crabs.

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