Best Solutions for Water Feature Repair in Gig Harbor Wa

Like all things, outdoor water features are not foolproof. Most of them are made of concrete, which often cracks and breaks; cracking and breaking leads to leaking. This leaking can lead to the need for repair. There are several ways to repair the basin, walls, or falls of a home’s pond, fountain, waterfall, and even pool. These options, however, will depend on how much money and effort the homeowner want to put into the repair. This could mean doing it themselves or calling in the professionals.

There are several options for Water Feature Repair in Gig Harbor Wa. The first option is to do nothing. An individual can abandon their feature and just add water periodically until the leaking dissipates. However, this option can leave a water system vulnerable to poisoning, and cause damage to the exterior of the home if leakage worsens. The person who is trying to go at it on their own can try applying a coating of asphalt-based emulsion, concrete foundation, or epoxy-based paint to the feature’s surface or just over the cracks. However, This will only work for features that have a stable structure and no visible large cracks.

Water features with large areas of damage will have to be repaired by professionals. Water Feature Repair in Gig Harbor Wa specialists, are called when there is a great deal of damage or when plumbing is involved. Plumbing can be a secondary or a primary issue in a leaking water feature. Before beginning repair, homeowners must have plumbing lines pressure tested. This could be disastrous without the help of a professional. Professionals can also be called to repair anything, from “moving” hairline cracks to rocks going through basin walls. Hairline cracks on stable basins can be “chipped out”, then patched with a silicon-based material. Most “moving” cracks are repaired with elastomeric (stretching) systems.

These systems are chlorinated-rubber-based materials applied with specialized spray equipment. They can be applied over the entire basin and backs of the feature or just to the damaged areas. Rocks going through basin walls are the most disastrous damages, and will most likely be beyond repair. In this case, the homeowner can either rip it completely or leave it as is, and build a new feature over the old. The latter is what most companies recommend, as it is the least expensive and labor intensive solution.

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