Best Practices for Maintaining a Septic System in Arlington, WA

Septic systems allow homeowners to handle wastewater removal without interference from city agencies. While a septic system gives homeowners more control, these systems do require their fair share of maintenance. Keep reading to learn more about the practices for maintaining a septic system in Arlington, WA.

Stay Current with Septic Pumping Services

Most septic tanks need pumping services once every 3-5 years. Pumping gets rid of the top layer and makes room for more wastewater. When homeowners forget to schedule pumping, this can cause backups in household drains and the septic tank to overflow.

Know the Location of the Tank and Drain Field

Septic systems have numerous parts, but the most important parts are the tank and the drain field. Knowing the location of these two essential parts of the system is essential to keep people from driving or parking heavy equipment over them. Being aware of these parts can save you tens of thousands of dollars in septic repairs.

Use Less Water

What many people don’t understand is that all the water used in the house makes its way into the septic tank. The more water households use, the faster the tank fills. It’s also important to use as few chemicals as possible to keep the good bacteria balanced.

Homeowners who maintain their systems well find that they spend less money on emergency services and have fewer clogged drains. To learn more about maintenance for septic systems in Arlington, WA, should contact

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