Dec 10, 2018

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Benefits Offered When Adding Screen Porches in Brookfield, WI

Benefits Offered When Adding Screen Porches in Brookfield, WI

Virtually everyone loves spending time outdoors. Unfortunately, things like bugs, the weather, and other factors can ruin an otherwise relaxing experience. This is when screen porches in Brookfield WI can be invaluable.

While this exterior element does represent an investment, it is one worth making. Some of the benefits offered by a screen porch can be found here.

Bugs Be Gone

With screen porches in Brookfield WI, homeowners don’t have to worry about the frustration associated with trying to keep bugs at bay while they are trying to read, nap, or eat. While all of these activities can be done inside, it’s more fun to enjoy them outdoors. With a screened in porch, you can do this without issues.

Use the Porch Year Round

With just a few additions to the structure, it’s possible to use a screened porch throughout the year. This isn’t the case for many people when a patio or deck is installed. In most cases, decks and patios are cleared of¬†furnishings and abandoned by the time October rolls around. However, with a screened porch, furniture is protected, and other items can remain in place without having to worry about additional damage from the snow and rain.

Additional Privacy

While the mesh screen used for these porches is see-through, the material can still create a sufficient barrier between the porch and nosy neighbors or traffic. Also, if a homeowner wants to block the view of the porch they currently have, adding mesh screen is a great option. For anyone to see what’s going on inside, they would have to stop and stare for several seconds before being able to get even a glimpse of what’s on or in the porch.

A screened porch is a great addition for any home. It can add privacy, is usable all year, and even helps to extend the current living space. Additional information about a screened porch and the many benefits the addition offers can be found by taking the time to visit Being informed is the best way to know if this type of porch is a smart investment.

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