Benefits Offered by Installing a Keyless Entry System in Floral Park NY

Today, the presence of a Keyless Entry System in Floral Park NY is something that’s standard on most vehicles. They have an array of benefits that manufacturers make available on most vehicles. Some people don’t really notice the advantages they offer, until an issue arises.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits offered by a keyless entry system here. Being informed can help a person learn why this is such a good investment.


Thieves are always a worry for property owners. It’s necessary to take steps to protect valuables, including the vehicle. Keys can’t provide the same level of protection that a Keyless Entry System in Floral Park NY can. With a single press of a button, it’s possible to lock and unlock the vehicle, the trunk, and in some cases, start their engines.

Also, standard keys can be simulated or copied and cause forced entry. However, with a keyless entry system, this isn’t the case.


Walking to a car with an arm full of groceries, kids, or anything else, isn’t much of a problem until it comes time to unlock the vehicle. Getting a standard key to the proper position is challenging and often completely impossible. However, with a keyless entry system, this isn’t the case.

A single press of a button provides access to the vehicle. This allows a driver to put everything inside without dropping anything.

Mistake Proof

Sometimes, drivers forget to lock their car doors. This is a common occurrence and while it seems like a non-issue, this isn’t always the case. However, with a keyless entry system, it will provide a signal to the vehicle to lock the doors when the keys travel out of range. This is peace of mind that isn’t provided by a traditional keyed system.

When it comes to a keyless entry system, there are several factors that need to be considered. The benefits of this system are superior, which makes this system make sense. More information about keyless entry systems can be found by contacting the team at Able Lock Shop or by visiting their website to learn more about the services offered. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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