Nov 24, 2014

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Benefits of Using Self Storage in Lubbock

Benefits of Using Self Storage in Lubbock

No matter why you need self storage in Lubbock, there are many benefits to using these types of facilities rather than storing at a family member’s house or using other storage companies. Whether you are an individual in Lubbock that has too much stuff or a small business that is in the middle of a remodel, you can benefit from self-storage facilities.


Most people don’t realize that there are many sized storage areas within one facility. You may think that it wouldn’t be cost effective to use self storage because you only have a few items that require storage, but in Lubbock, self-storage facilities are available in all sizes, from as little as five feet by five feet up to large room-size sizes. Many people prefer to have extra tables and chairs for large holiday gatherings, but storing them can be a hassle. Consider self storage in Lubbock for those items and get them out when you need them.

Air Control

There are some storage facilities that are not air conditioned or have no heat and these work well for many purposes. However, there are facilities that offer temperature control, so that you can store glass safely and other items. While regular furniture, such as couches, beds, mattresses and other items may not require air control, others such as plasma televisions, photo albums and medicines may need to be kept cooler.


The whole point of having self storage facilities is so that your items stay safe, both from the elements and thieves. Leaving your items outside may help keep them close at hand when you need them, but thieves could come along and take what they want. Keeping your couch outside in the garage or shed may work for a day or two, but these areas are usually not airtight, meaning moisture, heat and rodents can get inside and ruin your furniture.

Self storage facilities in Lubbock offer security cameras, which record around the clock for your items’ safety. Padlocks are used and purchased by you so that only you and the owner of the facility can enter, making it safer.


While it seems strange to pay money to store items, it can be affordable. Many times, people have items that were given to them or collections that they don’t want to sell and get rid of, so consider how much those items are worth to you and compare it to the actual cost of self storage.

Self storage facilities in Lubbock come in all shapes and sizes and are safe. Consider storing your personal belongings with A Byron Cowling Move today.

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