Jul 24, 2015

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Benefits Of Using Professional Fine Art Storage In Los Angeles

Benefits Of Using Professional Fine Art Storage In Los Angeles

If you are a new collector of fine art, you may not realize that storage in Los Angeles may be necessary. When purchasing artwork, you’ll need to have it shipped to your location. However, you may not realize that it will need to be stored properly until it can be sent off to the next location. Therefore, you want to ensure that you seek out professionals for storing and shipping your items.

Whether you want to keep the items in your home or would like to keep them stored out of sight to prevent theft and other problems, you’ll want to ensure that you have a company that knows how to store artwork properly, as well as how to handle the items.

Transport Vehicle

While most people only consider the storage facility or the company’s handling and packing procedures, it is also necessary to consider the type of transport vehicle used. These vehicles should be climate-controlled and be thoroughly clean at all times to ensure there are no problems with the artwork. Humidity and improper handling can damage a painting or other rare item, so they should treat it as gently as you would.

Digital Access

Most companies will take digital pictures of the artwork before storing them and will categorize them in such a way to make it easy for you to find them. You can use a secure online system to view photographs of your artwork.

24/7 Access

While you may not want to or need to visit the facility itself, you can still have access 24/7 through digital means. If you are a collector and want to sell your artwork to others, you can show them digital pictures from within the facility to show that they are being taken care of and handled properly.


Cool-storage vaults should be available to store objects that need to be kept at a lower temperature. Cooler environments work well to preserve many items. The level of humidity is typically between 37 and 43 percent, and the temperature is regulated to anywhere from 55 to 60 degrees at all times.

White-Glove Service

Fine art should always receive white-glove service, which means that professionalism is used throughout the entire process. It should also mean confidentiality and privacy, as well as protection from fire and smoke.

Fine art storage in Los Angeles shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are seeking the best, consider ArtPack today, as they offer helpful options to keep your artwork in pristine condition until it is delivered or picked up.

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