Nov 12, 2014

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Benefits of Using a Home Humidifier in Omaha NE

If anyone in your home as asthma, chronic colds, bronchitis or some other respiratory condition, you may already know that humidifiers are a gift from heaven. The questions from anyone on the outside of that sphere of knowledge, however, are what exactly is a humidifier and how is it any different from an air conditioner? Some people seem to think an air conditioner can perform the same function that a humidifier does. What is confusing is that people hear the terms humidifier and dehumidifier interchangeably. A humidifier puts humidity or moisture into the atmosphere which helps those people with respiratory issues. The dehumidifier, which resembles an air conditioner removes humidity or moisture from the air. The air conditioner transfer heat from the inside of a given room into the outside, thus presenting the cooling effect. How the person with the breathing issue is affected really depends on the status of the room after the air conditioner does its job. It is easy to see how people get confused over what device does what. Nevertheless, people often use air conditioners and humidifiers together to get the right mix. An HVAC company that offers a Home Humidifier in Omaha NE also sells air conditioners and other HVAC products. Customers who have bought humidifiers were not disappointed with the purchase. Here are some benefits of using humidifiers.

Besides the obvious positive effects of humidifiers on people with breathing problems, they also are good at reducing the chances of viruses and other cold-like or flu-related bugs from thriving. Viruses need a low humidity atmosphere to do their damage. Humidifiers are also good for energy efficiency, making cooler air feel warmer, thus preventing you from being tempted to turn up the thermostat for heat.

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