Jan 9, 2015

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Benefits of Using a Guide to Do Bathroom Repair

Benefits of Using a Guide to Do Bathroom Repair

When you are having issues with a toilet that is not flushing properly, it can quickly become a big problem for your household. Even if you have other bathrooms, having one toilet, which is not working can be a big inconvenience. While calling a plumber can often be the best way to handle this type of issue, if you have a Guide to Do Bathroom Repair, you may want to attempt the repair yourself.

One of the main reasons a toilet will not flush correctly, is because too much toilet paper has been put in the toilet. For some reason, many children like to fill the toilet with a surplus of toilet paper. While sometimes, it may actually go down the drain, often it is stopped in the pipes and this can cause issues. You can often fix these problems by using the force of a plunger to move the clog around or by using a hand held plumbing auger to break up the clog.

Another common problem is the water level in the tank. Sometimes the water valve maybe turned off and this prevents the tank from refilling with water. If there is no water in the tank, it cannot flush the toilet. The valves are generally underneath the tank and can be switched on by turning the knobs.

If the rubber flapper in the tank is bent or warped, there will be no release of water when the toilet is flushed. This happens frequently and generally replacing the flapper will correct the problem. To replace the flapper you will need to turn off the water, drain the tank and then replace the flapper. By replacing the flapper, the seal should be better and flushing the toilet will not be a problem.

Another component inside the tank to check is the chain. The chain connects the flushing handle and the flapper. The chain must be of the proper size so the flapper will be raised and the toilet can be flushed. Adjusting the chain is not difficult, it is just involves moving the hook attaching the chain up or down the links.

Following repairs like this from a Guide to Do Bathroom Repair can be a quick way to get your toilet working again. However, if your issues are more complex, you should contact American Bath Inc.

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