Nov 11, 2013

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Benefits of Receiving Dental Implants through Your Local Dental Clinic in Redding

Dental implants increase bone density and they make your jaw bone think it still has real teeth in the gum. Reversing the natural occurrence of dissolution of bone, dental implants restore health and power to the jaw. Prostheses using fasteners and adhesives are unsightly and uncomfortable, but dental implants are inserted into the jaw, so no one will ever notice you have replacement teeth. Here are some other advantages of having implants placed by your local Dental Clinic in Redding:

* No more pain, discomfort or anxiety
* -; Dental implants feel as natural as your real teeth. Once in place, dental implants are completely painless and you will be able to resume normal eating habits without the worry about sagging or moving issues.
* Dental implants restore your natural ability to talk, laugh and smile
.* Talking with dental implants is as normal and doing so with your natural teeth. You can do so with confidence, unlike dentures which can slide around in the mouth, causing the muscles of the jaw to be tense, slurring speech. The immobility of dental implants is more convenient in social situations as you will never hold in your laugh or smile fearing that your teeth may come out, which can occur with dentures. You will be restored to your happy, outgoing, and all-around confident self.
* Eating foods will be much easier
.* When using dentures, eating food can be painful, uncomfortable and not as tasty as they are with your natural teeth. Dentures use plates and staples in the jaw which removes the flavor of food. When the Dental Clinic in Redding installs your dental implants, you will still experience the familiar taste and full flavor of foods and drinks without pain or discomfort.
* Dental implants help prevent bone loss and restore the power of the jaw
.* As you age, your teeth decrease in size and strength, causing your jaw to slowly lose its skeletal structure, weakening the mouth and facial muscles. Dental implants will not dissolve like natural teeth, and they will help to reduce bone loss and loss of strength in the jaw.

While your teeth are designed to last a lifetime, they sometimes don’t! Dental implants are among the best options that cosmetic dentistry has to offer. For more information on implants, contact the Moore and Pascarella Dental Group.

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