May 23, 2017

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Benefits of LED Christmas Lights

Benefits of LED Christmas Lights

As the holiday season is just around the corner, weighing options of whether to purchase traditional Christmas lighting strings or going for LED Christmas lighting strings is up for a consumer’s debate. LED Christmas lights have become popular in Fort Worth. LED itself is known to be a greener technology because it consumes less energy than traditional bulbs. There are several advantages of utilizing LED lights for holiday displays apart from the fact they are significantly brighter.

Energy Conservation

LED itself is known to use less energy. How much less energy does a string of LED lights utilize? A C7 incandescent light bulb in a traditional string of Christmas lights utilizes six watts, whereas an LED bulb uses around 0.8 watts. To put things into perspective, with the national average cost of electricity at 12 cents per kWh, if a homeowner or business utilizes LED Christmas lights instead of the traditional lights, the initial cost of purchase is slightly more; however, the owner would see a significant electricity savings, especially if the lights are used everyday and all evening.


As Christmas lights are often left on all evening, the bulbs build up heat over time. Cases of house fires caused by traditional Christmas light bulbs around Fort Worth is an unfortunately common occurrence every holiday season. The National Fire Protection Association and the U.S. Fire Administration estimates there are 150 home fires annually that occurred due to holiday lights and other decorative lights. LED lights, however, utilize less electricity, making the bulbs run at a cooler temperature, reducing the risk of fire.

Overall, LED Christmas lights may have a higher initial investment at the payment counter; however, these lighting strings have become popular in Fort Worth because of their high light intensity, energy conservation and safety.

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