Benefits Of Lash Tinting In Round Rock TX

Many women use various beauty techniques to look and feel better about themselves. One very popular beauty treatment is eyelash tinting. This treatment temporarily dyes the eyelashes so that it looks like the woman is wearing mascara without needing to apply it daily. To prevent eye irritation, a dye with a vegetable base is used. This is why the tinting is not permanent. If a woman is debating whether or not she wants to have her eyelashes tinted, she should consider all of the benefits associated with Lash Tinting in Round Rock TX.

The Process Is Quick

One benefit of lash tinting is that the procedure is quick. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish. The tech would apply special stickers around the eyelids to keep the dye from getting into the eye. Next, the dye would be applied to the top and bottom lashes. Next, the dye would need to set for 5 minutes to achieve maximum results. Finally, the tech would wash the eye. On average, the lashes will remain dark for 3 to 5 weeks.

Creates a More Dramatic Look

If a woman has blonde or light brown lashes, lash tinting would be great. When the lashes are dyed, they will be black. This can make the eyes pop and give them a dramatic look.

No Need to Buy Mascara

If a woman is going to buy a quality mascara, it will cost her between $20 and $30. If she uses the mascara every day, she would need to replace the mascara every month or so. Lash tinting can cost as little as $15 to $25. Overall, lash tinting is less expensive than buying a high-quality mascara.

No More Smudging or Running Mascara

When a woman wears mascara, she runs the risk of having it smudge when she wipes her eyes. She also runs the risk of having it run if she cries, goes swimming, and when she sweats. This won’t happen if she has her eyelashes tinted.

A Non-Clumping More Natural Look

It is not uncommon for mascara to cause the eyelashes to clump. This is possible even with the highest quality mascaras. If a woman has her eyelashes tinted, she won’t need to worry about clumping lashes. Tinting looks completely natural.

If a woman is considering Lash Tinting in Round Rock TX, she should contact Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar.

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