Benefits of Having Dentures in Manassas Park Relined

Many times people who have dentures in Manassas Park find that after a period of time there dentures no longer fit as they once did. This is generally due to changes in their mouth, which occur due to aging. When this happens, the person may start to have pain or sores in their mouth. One of the best ways to correct this type of situation is by visiting a dentist to have the dentures relined.

A dentist can reline dentures in a number of ways. Most times a person will need a hard reline done on their dentures. During this process, the dentist will scrape off a portion of the acrylic base on the dentures. A putty like substance will then be placed on the dentures. The dentures will be placed in the patient’s mouth and an impression of the jawbone can then be made. This will be used in making a new base to be applied to the dentures.

By doing this, the patient will be able to retain their dentures, but the fit can be improved to match the changes in the patient’s mouth. This process is something most people should have done every two to three years to help in preventing problems from their dentures.

In some cases, a patient may wait too long for this procedure and they may develop sores, swelling and other issues with their gums. This can make it very difficult for the patient to wear their dentures at all. To help with this, a dentist can do a temporary reline to the dentures.

A temporary reline on dentures in Manassas Park entails a soft material being placed on the base of the dentures where they rest on the gums. This soft material will cushion the gums and give sores a chance to heal. The material is only placed on the dentures temporarily and can easily be removed. Once the gums have healed, a hard reline can then be done.

Having dentures is a good way to replace teeth, which are missing. To make sure a person’s dentures continue to fit well, it is important to visit a dentist regularly and have relines done whenever necessary.

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