Nov 10, 2014

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Benefits of having a Strong Framework of Corporate Governance

Having a governance framework can play an important role in helping corporate board gain a much better understanding of their actual roles. The framework that is developed needs to have attributes that will contribute to effective governance, as well as tools for addressing any type of governance risk. In order to achieve this, you will likely need to invest in Corporate Governance Training‏.

The foundation of effective governance programs is an effective strategy for risk management. However, since this is not going to be a one-size-fits-all solution, having properly trained individuals is essential. Those who are responsible for the risk intelligence are summarized, generally speaking as:

* The board of directors, who will be responsible for setting the tone at the very top.

* The executive managers who are the ones responsible for driving governance and other risk practices throughout the entire organization.

* The actual business units and the supporting functions where all of the actual risk activities take place.

A Helpful Tool for Addressing Governance Risk

You may wonder why it is necessary for management teams and boards to have a governance framework for operating. The framework will help to define the actual role of the management and the board, delineate duties and help to prevent any duplicate efforts while overseeing any critical issues. It can also provide assistance for the execution of the core processes of the board by offering a sense of structure to the policies, as well as tools. This will allow the board to focus their attention on the important issues and then prioritize how its limited time and resources are spent.

In addition to a strong framework, the board will also be provided with a structured way for collaborating with those in management on certain issues that the company faces with very little risk of productivity loss or confusion. The framework will also help to clarify the roles of each of the committees of the board in fulfilling the objectives of the board from the governance perspective.

When a strong framework is developed for corporate governance, it will form the basis for the tools that executives and boards use for improving efficiency and effectiveness of any business. This is why this proper training is essential for all members of a business to ensure that a proper governance is achieved, helping the business eliminate risks that could cost them financially.

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