Jan 31, 2013

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Benefits of Dental Implants Ripon WI

It is very unfortunate that in the event that one or more teeth are lost during adulthood, the loss is usually permanent since a tooth never grows back. There are many incidents that may lead to loss of teeth, these include major injury such as road accidents, falls or even fights. Certain disease such as severe gum disease may also cause loss of teeth. When this happens, you may be lose your confidence and even find it hard to smile due to the awareness of the missing tooth. Luckily, there are dental implants which can be used to replace lost teeth. These are artificial teeth that are fitted into the gap left by the missing tooth by surgically inserting supporting braces in the gums which can then be used to hold the artificial tooth in place.

This is a form of cosmetic dentistry that has been a while for a while and is an alternative replacement to conventional method of filling gaps in teeth known as bridgework. Bridgework is a form of gap filling which involves an artificial tooth that is supported by the two neighbouring teeth that have to be filed down so as to create the desired support.

Dental Implants are a much better solution for tooth replacement because of the following reasons:

* They are much more independent and do not rely on neighbouring teeth in the same manner bridgework does. They allow for the tooth to be strong and independent just as the original tooth.

* They reduce the load on the remaining teeth that are left behind since they are able to offer firm support during chewing.

* Dental implants are a long term solution to lost teeth; their fitting involves surgical implants on the jaw that are able to firmly hold the tooth for longer. They have been known to last much longer than bridgework with some lasting for a lifetime.

* With implants, a patient who has lost teeth is able to get back their proper chewing function since the new tooth is able to offer firm chewing function. With implants, you are able to live your life just as you did before losing your tooth.

* Dental implants, Ripon WI look and feel just like natural teeth, it is almost impossible to notice if someone has implants or not. Since they feel just like normal teeth, speech is restored and patients can then begin to speak comfortably despite losing a significant number of teeth.

* When it comes to cleaning, bridgeworks cover the gaps in between the teeth where food can be trapped and later on bacteria build up, implants on the other hand leave room for flossing and brushing of teeth.

You do not have to live with gaps on your teeth, dental implants is able to provide a reliable solution for lost teeth. In order to learn more about the dental solutions, kindly visit Silver Creek Dentistry in Ripon WI.

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