Apr 18, 2018

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Benefits of Choosing Invisalign in Pampa, TX Over Conventional Braces

No one wants to suffer from the unsightliness and dental hygiene issues that result from having crooked teeth, but most adults are hesitant about heading to the orthodontist to have their teeth straightened using traditional metal braces due to the stigma that surrounds them. Choosing to have teeth straightened with Invisalign in Pampa TX offers a much more discreet alternative, but that’s not the only advantage of Invisalign. Read on to find out about a few other advantages of this revolutionary new system over traditional metal braces below.

Improved Comfort

Metal braces can wind up poking holes in patients’ gums and tend to become quite uncomfortable over time, and they must be worn day and night until treatment has been completed and they can be professionally removed. The Invisalign system is designed to be easily removable, allowing patients to take it out when they want to eat, drink, or have a break. Plus, taking them out for brief periods of time will not affect treatment outcomes at all.

Improved Safety

The metal wires that constitute the majority of conventional braces often wind up puncturing or scratching patients’ mouths, leading to an increased risk of infection. The fact that traditional braces cannot be removed can also lead to demineralization and decay, while Invisalign clear aligners do not produce any of these problems. Choosing Invisalign in Pampa TX allows patients to significantly reduce the risk of damage, decay, and gum disease associated with metal braces.

Duration of Treatment

Patients who choose to have their teeth straightened using traditional metal braces can expect their treatment to last for years. Those who choose Invisalign, on the other hand, can expect to see maximum effects within just a year to a year and a half. That means there’s no need to wait up to five years for straighter, more beautiful teeth.

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