Benefits of Architectural Shingle Roofing for Home in Nassau County, NY

Is it time to replace your home’s roof? If so, have you considered installing architectural shingles? Many people prefer shingle roofing in Nassau County, NY, because it’s a cost-effective way to install a new roof. However, roofing contractors encourage their customers to think beyond traditional asphalt shingles and consider architectural shingles because of their superior benefits. If you’re replacing or re-roofing your roof, learn more here about the benefits of architectural shingles.


Roof replacement isn’t cheap. It’s also not something you do every few years. So, it makes sense that you want to choose materials that will last. Architectural shingles are made from multiple layers of asphalt and granules, making them more durable than single-layer asphalt shingles.


Although the initial cost to install architectural shingles is slightly higher than asphalt shingles, the fact that they last longer and withstand extreme weather makes them a more cost-effective choice. Architectural shingles are also engineered to deflect light and act as natural insulators. What does this mean for you? It means you’ll have lower heating and cooling costs that you won’t necessarily get from asphalt shingles.


Do you like the look cedar shake roofing, but don’t have the budget for this material? Architectural shingles are three dimensional and can mimic more expensive roofing materials. You’ll get the look of an expensive roof without the price tag.

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