Beginner’s Tips for Expanding the Lifespan of Focal Spot X-Ray Tubes

Good x-ray tubes will do the job of functioning the right way even under the most difficult conditions. The average lifespan of an x-ray tube is about 3 to 7 years, depending on how it is maintained and taken care of. With that being said, here are several tips that beginners can take advantage of to figure out how to make x-ray tubes last twice as long.

1. Don’t Neglect Use

This is a basic tip that almost everyone should know. If you go too long without using your small focal spot xray tubes, it can cause damage. Don’t go any more than 6 months without use. They need to be kept warm and this warmth also helps the vacuum remain stable.

2. Iso-Watt Feature

Try using this switching feature more often. This helps the spectrometer work at a stronger power for more time, especially when it’s going to different conditions in measuring. This constant power will also help extend the x-ray tube’s lifespan.

3. Use Standby Settings

When you’re using this setting, make sure that the emission current and all other general power is not being used at a level that is too high. Doing this can shorten the lifespan of the x-ray tubes. High settings are ok if you’re using kV. This is because it helps the tube stay stable even if there are going to be any flashes.

4. Always Keep the Window Clean

With every use, you should make sure that you’re checking to see that there have been no substance spills anywhere on the window. You should also avoid touching the windows at all. Not even if you’re cleaning them.

5. Keep the Samples Clean

Whenever you’re going to be analyzing any powders, you should make sure that they are prepared properly. Make sure they aren’t crumbling while they’re inside the spectrometer.

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