Before You Build a Trade Show Display

Long before the trade show occurs, companies must sit down and do some research. While they may be looking at factors such as their product design and inventory, it is also important to consider the details of the trade show display itself. Long gone are the days when a simple booth was enough to draw in interested parties. A few key steps should happen first.

Analyzing Needs

The first step in creating a successful trade show display is doing some analyzing. Specifically, consider understanding your target market, the attendees at the event, the product’s fit and needs, as well as the overall functional features of the display necessary to achieve the very specific outcome desired. At the same time, companies also need to focus on what that outcome is – do you want customers to sign up, buy, or just give an email?

Project Concepts

The next step is to create project concepts. This is the first step in making a trade show display come to life. It helps to visualize the actual display. Having a few options and considering the details in this phase can help to ensure the desired outcome.

Custom Build Design

Impressing potential customers is critical. To achieve this, it is important to ensure a custom, expert build design. That can help to ensure the display stands out and draws attention. It can also give you the confidence to know your end result is going to exceed expectations.

Working with a professional organization for all trade show display needs really makes the difference. While it may not seem like an area to invest a great deal of time in, the way the display works and looks will ultimately determine if the trade show is worth investing the time and money in.

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