Dec 26, 2013

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Before Getting VoIP Business Phone Systems, NYC Companies Should Evaluate Hosted and Installed Options

If you work for a company that does business in New York City and are thinking about switching over from a legacy telecommunications system to one of the newer VoIP business phone systems, NYC providers can offer valuable insight about which plan to choose, and the pros and cons of each.

Hosted Versus Installed Solutions

One question you’ll certainly want to ask is whether it would be best to go with a system that’s hosted by an outside company, or one installed on your in-house platform. Keep reading to learn some of the distinctions about both those alternatives.

Installation and Management

Generally, when opting for hosted VoIP business phone systems, NYC clients get the advantage of a much easier installation and maintenance process. Hosted services are often accessed via the Internet, whereas if you get something that connects directly to your in-house infrastructure, it may be necessary to purchase additional equipment such as routers.

Although you’ll likely have more control over an in-house system, you’ll also probably need to perform all upgrades independently without assistance from a provider.

Scaling Up to Meet Fluctuating Demand

Depending on the type of work your company does, you may commonly experience higher call volumes during particular months of the year. If that’s the case, it’s usually much easier to meet rising demand while working with a hosted provider of VoIP business phone systems. NYC telecommunication specialists may be able to add lines or user interfaces within hours, but it’ll likely not happen quite so efficiently on systems that are only installed at your premises. On the other hand, if the telephony requirements of your staff are generally static, you may find an on-site system is still suitable.

Pricing Considerations

Finally, when making a decision about VoIP business phone systems, NYC customers should carefully consider whether it would be more cost-effective to use a hosted solution or vice versa. If you’re crunching the numbers, try to have a long-term viewpoint and gauge what’ll be most advantageous for your budget over time.

There is no universal solution that will fit every need your company faces. However, the information above should help you start to progress towards making an intelligent and worthwhile decision before the transition to a new phone system at your workplace.

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