Been in an Auto Accident? Here Are Your Legal Rights

You have several rights that you can invoke after you have been the victim of an auto accident. Depending on the type of auto accident, as well as who is at fault for the accident, you may be eligible for legal claims. An auto accident lawyer can fight on your side to defend your right as the victim of a car accident to help you get the financial and monetary support that you need.

Depending on the extend of the accident, as well as whether or not you have been injured, you could file a legal claim and get a case started. Here are some of the ways in which you can obtain your legal rights after an auto accident.

Auto Accident Claim Types

You are entitled to legal claims after you have been in a car accident. The nature of the accident will dictate how you build your case. Most of the time, a case will be based on one of the following claims:

  • Damage to personal property
  • Personal injuries
  • Wrongful death claims

Wrongful death claims are only necessary if the car accident was fatal for someone who died directly due to the car accident. There are ways of resolving all three of these issues, and they all revolve around the case developed by your lawyer.

In most cases, you are entitled to compensation in the form of cash or a valuable asset. If you are at fault, a case may be built against you.

Auto Accidents with Injuries

If you are injured due to a car accident, that gives you grounds for filing a personal injury claim. There are certain legal ramifications from going about it the wrong way, however, which is why an attorney may be a necessity for your specific case.

Liabilities for the car accident can be obviously found. The injured party can be compensated by the driver who was at fault for the accident. Injuries can result in permanent physical damage or extreme harm that can impede the victim’s ability to perform everyday functions and tasks.

Handle Your Auto Accident Claim the Right Way

Whether or not you suffered an injury due to your auto accident, you are eligible for fair compensation if you were the victim in any vehicular crash. A Belvidere auto accident attorney at the offices of Fisk & Monteleone can help you get started by determining what type of claim you need to file, and how much compensation you are eligible for.

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