Apr 28, 2015

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Becoming a Legal Assistant

On the road of life there are many choices to be made. The first of which is what kind of job do you want to have as you go through your working years. For a lot of people this can change over time, and there are many who are still yet trying to find their place in the workforce. If you have settled on something then that is great. If you are still looking and are interested in the law then maybe becoming a legal assistant might be just the thing for you. A legal assistant certificate program is a great step in that direction if you are willing to go through the courses. Just like most schooling, there are things you will need to know and do before you can become certified.

How the Course Works

It really is just like any other kind of class. There are several areas of study that will need to be covered over the several months that the program requires. It will run a gambit of the many things you will need to know or will encounter along the path of your career. Here is a short, but relatively comprehensive list of the things you will be looking into.

1)  The Law – A general overview of how the law works in the United States of America. Usually includes both Federal & State levels.
2)  Torts – The study and understanding of torts and how they relate to our justice system. What they are, how they work and what is and is not considered tort.
3)  Criminal Laws – You are probably familiar with this. It is one of the most commonly practiced areas. It involves the criminal justice system and many of the different aspects of litigation.
4)  Civil Laws – Suing somebody or something can happen a lot and this is the primary set of rules that are followed during those types of suits.
5)  Wills & Trusts – The creation of a last will and testament. This is one of the areas that a paralegal or legal assistant might be able to practice on their own depending on your state.
6)  Legal Researching & Writing – Researching is one of the primary areas of focus for an assistant. It will probably be one of the most common things that you do. Up next will be writing these styles of documentation which has its own format.

A Good Career to Have

This is a good path to choose if you haven’t already decided. It can take upwards of a year to complete these courses, but it can be rewarding and exciting if you find the justice system interesting. It is a solid choice and you can have a rewarding career.

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