Jun 13, 2014

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Beauty and Comfort with a Kalamkari Saree

The saree is a beautifully flowing piece of fabric that covers a woman and is made to be a body wrap. It is generally a piece of cloth of varying length and width that is wrapped around the waist and over the shoulder, though many modern saree options have a matching flowing skirt attached.

Kalamkari is considered an art form to many in India and the kalamkari saree is a hand painted piece of cotton fabric that usually depicts nature in some way. Because of their flow, sarees are very comfortable to wear and are becoming very popular with Indians and others.


Because Kalamkari sarees are hand painted, they have an exquisite beauty to them. The piece itself is made to look like something a goddess would wear as it has amazing drape and flows gracefully in your wake. These articles of clothing have an elegance about them, making the clothing seem to float and become one with the body.

It is important to realize that these clothing items are completely hand-made. This means that if you are in need of one for a special occasion, it is important to order them as quickly as possible as it will take time to make and ship.


There are two main types of Kalamkari sarees available, including the Sri Kalahasti and Machilipatnam styles. The Sri Kalahasti options include hand-drawn pictures and then have the color filled in. All of the detail work is created by hand. Most of these options include pictures of mangos, birds, temples and goddesses. They usually have intricate drawings and sharp colors.

The Machilipatnam style tends to have Islamic influence and almost all of the designs focus around animals or flowers of the region. Both styles use organic dyes and hand-painted drawings. Because of this, no two Kalamkari saree pieces are exactly alike, meaning you will have a unique piece.

Where to Wear

Most sarees of this nature are cotton, though silk can also be used, especially for modern-day sarees. Whether you prefer silk or cotton, you will have a high sheen as the cotton is dipped in a natural resin and cow’s milk.

Because of its elegance, the Kalamkari saree is used for special occasions where your heritage is important, such as weddings, lavish parties, receptions and any other festive occasion. However, because they are so comfortable and easy to find, many women want to wear them to do daily things, such as shop and to work.

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