Sep 4, 2015

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Beach-Going with Your Dog: Tips, Hints & Cool Products

Beach-Going with Your Dog: Tips, Hints & Cool Products

There are many locations that you can take your dog to the beach in Fort Lauderdale. However, there are plenty of places that dogs are restricted or require special permits to access. Telling these places apart can be difficult, particularly if you are not from the area.

But going to the beach is a day for fun, enjoyment, exercise and bonding with your dog. To make sure you both enjoy your day to the fullest, you’ll want to have the coolest water toys for your dog to fetch from the waves. We have a list of the best and where to buy these pet supplies in Fort Lauderdale!

Tips & Hints:

  • Areas where dog activity is controlled will have strict rules that must be adhered to for both human and canine sake. After all, not all humans want to share their vacation with other people’s dogs, and not all owners are diligent about cleaning up after their pets. Unfortunately, it is another case of a few negative experiences ruining it for those who are responsible pet parents.
  • Most of these areas require that your dog is on a leash at all times, is well behaved (no excessive barking or growling), and that any waste is quickly picked up and disposed of properly. While common sense, it is amazing how uncommon some of these aspects of pet responsibility are overlooked by some owners.
  • It is also common for these areas to require your dog to be fully up to date on their shots, over a certain age, and appropriately licensed in their hometown. This is for your dog’s overall safety. The City can refuse entry if they feel the animals in question are a risk to other pets or humans in either temperament or in health.
  • There can also be restrictions on how many dogs are permitted at any given time or how many dogs a person is to be walking. This is to ensure that there is less of a chance of negative encounters and encourage a peaceful atmosphere.
  • These areas may also have restrictions regarding days or times that dogs are permitted such as the West side of the A1A South of Sunrise Boulevard where you can only walk dogs from 6 am to 9 am.

Stores that offer pet supplies in Fort Lauderdale would be an excellent resource to help you navigate the nuances in the areas you would like to visit. They should also be able to give you directions on where to acquire a permit where you can get up-to-date information on any restrictions on the areas you intend to take your dog.

Water Toys!

While you’re checking in at the pet stores for areas to visits, take a look at the water toys in stock to find a new toy for the day. Here are a few of the coolest options out there:

  • The ZygoFlex Air line of products – lightweight and brightly colored for easy detection in the water.
  • HydroRing fills with water to be both a toy and a waterer to keep your dog hydrated while he plays!
  • ChuckIt! has an entire line of products for land and water with endless options to keep even the fussiest dog happy!

Any store that sells pet supplies in Fort Lauderdale should have a variety of fun, interactive water toys to make your day at the beach the best!

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