Jun 5, 2014

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Be Informed with Worker Compensation Lawyers in Georgia

If you are an employee who has suffered injuries due to work then the first thing that comes to mind is compensation. Before you start asking for your rights it is better that you get some things right. First of all understand that the compensation is only for legal employees. What is the set-up of your working status? Is there an employer-employee relationship?

A competent worker compensation lawyer in Georgia should be able to inform you on the types of injuries covered. Only injuries that are as a result of accident are looked into. Being hurt while you were working isn’t enough.

You should also know that if the accident was as a result of your carelessness then you should not expect anything. If you have contracted a disease because of the nature of the job that you do and you can prove it then you qualify for compensation.

Injuries that rise out of work deserve compensation. This is when the worker puts themselves in danger in order to meet job requirements. For example if the work environment is slippery and wet, the worker might fall thus having an injury arising from their employment.

There is also injury in the course of employment. Within this factor there are circumstances, place and time in which the injury occurred. If the injury was gotten when the employee was doing something not related to their employment even though they were at work, they do not qualify to be compensated.

The issue of circumstance, place and time must be satisfied only through investigation. It is the state that decides the amount of compensation that you get. Your worker compensation lawyer in Georgia will help you in filing a claim via the commission responsible for compensation. The compensation is not taxed.

There are different types of benefits. There is one for disability that is total but temporary.  This is actually the recovery period. This is the type of injury that does not allow you to go to work for some time. There are some injuries that are very serious that they leave one permanently disabled. What qualifies as such could be being totally and permanently disabled in the legs, hands, eyes and arms.

An employee can be impaired even though they are not severely injured. This calls for weekly benefits to keep you going. These benefits are affected by the cost of living every year. A good worker compensation lawyer in Georgia aims at getting you the best and avoids fussy court trials.

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