May 14, 2013

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Basic Dos and Don’ts for Air Conditioning Maintenance and Upkeep in Birmingham MI

The cost to keep up the appliances in your home can be decreased if you perform regular checks on the original equipment as well as make note of any repairs that can be fixed on your own. Your Air Conditioning Birmingham MI unit can last you for many years past the estimated manufacturer date. This will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the lifetime of ownership.

No matter how new your Air conditioning Birmingham, MI is, it may not be working at the highest level of performance. When it has to work harder to perform basic function something suffers. The temperature may not cool as it should. Before you think it is the thermostat you will need to check your display panel. Most will have a button that lights up to indicate that the thermostat stopped working. You will want to call a professional repair person to examine the cause and what it will take to fix it.

If your unit is not coming on some of the major components such as the engine may have stopped working. You will also need to notate any strange noises that it makes to be able to tell the repair person. He or she can give you an estimate on the cost to get it running again.

Air conditioning Birmingham, MI units that are a part of an HVAC system use filters. This helps to block out dust, dirt, and keep debris from the motor. If you do not change the filter on a regular basis it will keep the unit from working properly. Most filters are not expensive and can be found at your local home repair store.

Another reason why your unit may not work or cool as well as it should is because the cooling agent needs to be refilled. Your technician can look at your unit to determine if that is the reason for the problem. Your unit can also have a small leak which makes the product escape easily and can be fixed to solve the problem. Air conditioning units that are not in a protective barrier can be subjected to increased wear and tear fro the elements and small creatures that might chew on the wiring which leads into the house. Correcting this keeps them out.

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